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Instructions and Help about Affidavit of parental consent for travel of a minor child

Alberto parents your child's school may be keeping secrets from you why because provincial law and new school policies say they can you think gender identity and sexual orientation are sex ed and parents can opt out wrong these topics are now inclusive education and human rights and some teachers are encouraged to integrate these across the curriculum no age restrictions no parent consent or notification required do you think when my child is in distress I'll be told wrong if your child is upset or confused about their sexuality or gender they may be provided private counseling from staff and peer support clubs no parent consent or notification required do you want back into your children's lives in school parental consent is the key speak up and demand that parents need to know.


If a parent is responsible for their child until the age of 18 then why would a school district allow a 17yr old to sign themselves out of school permanently (drop out) without parental consent or knowledge?
There’s something that it is vital to understand about laws, particularly regarding things like the line where adulthood is drawn.Laws aren’t inherently logically consistent, because laws are written by people, and people are not inherently logically consistent. In fact, they’re very often inconsistent, and prone to avoiding important questions if they are difficult.Age of Consent, Drinking Age, Driving Age, Age to rent a Car, Age one can be tried as an Adult (this one frustrates me to no end and I’d bet is applied with significant racial bias but lets not go there right now), Age one can sign themselves out of School, Age one’s Parents are no longer responsible for their actions, Age one is expected to preform X task competently, the list goes on and on.The truth is, there is no universally accepted start date of adulthood, primarily because the things we associate with being an “Adult” are themselves somewhat arbitrary and ill-defined. There are people graduating college at 22 who I know that’d I’d barely consider adults, and yet I know 18 year-olds in the military who signed up to fight and die for this country. A 4 year difference at that age which accounts for almost a 4th of the 18 year old’s life! Clearly, age and maturity are not inherently linked!So why is it that a 17 year-old and an 18 year-old are considered completely different people in terms of responsibilities and privileges, when the person likely hasn’t changed all that much in the moments between being one and the other? The answer is, because it is an arbitrary line upon which systems have been anchored and built, and the need for those systems outweighs the need for logical coherence.So why can a kid drop out at 17 but a parent is legally responsible until 18? Because the people who made the drop-out law thought that 17 was an appropriate age, and the people who made the parental responsibility law thought 18 was, and the two groups likely didn’t care much what the implications of that difference would be.
How does a minor who suspects themselves of being autistic get help without a parent’s consent?
The best advice that I can give is to go to your school counselor and talk to him/her. They may be able to help you ask your parent, and your school system might offer developmental testing for free as well.
How do I care for elderly parents in another state with a minor child (basically, I would need to leave work and pull the child out of school without being accused of truancy to care for the family)?
Ask your school district for their written policies on excused absences. Depending on how long you will be away (at a time and in total), you might be able to do this and stay within the district’s rules.If that’s not workable, look into the homeschooling laws in the state where you live. Those laws might permit you to travel out of state. Remember that every state requires you to follow their particular steps to set up and register your homeschool, and that once you have done this, you will still need to officially withdraw your child from her school district before you can use homeschooling as a way to avoid your state/district truancy laws.If your parents• state has homeschooling laws that are better for someone in your situation, consider becoming a resident of that state if you will be spending enough time there to qualify. Of course, there will be tax implications if you do that.There is never anything to stop you from “shutting down” your homeschool and re-enrolling your child in your school district any time you wish.Remember that homeschooling does not necessarily mean you have to come up with the curriculum and lessons on your own. You can purchase them, whether you prefer traditional “hard copy” materials or want to use online resources.Many school districts offer cyber school alternatives. If your district does, just make sure the fact that you have to travel with your child won’t disqualify her from attending the district’s cyber school. There are also state-funded charter cyber schools that are not part of any school district. If you are interested in one of those options, you’ll have to make sure you are inside your state enough for your child to be eligible to attend.Finally, there are online private schools. Depending on what state you’re domiciled in, you might be able to enroll your child in one and have her attend no matter where in the country you are. (These are sometimes referred to as “umbrella schools.”)For an informative article about what is now known as “roadschooling” (homeschooling with travel thrown in), see Rules of the Road: How to Ensure You are Roadschooling Legally. It even has a link to an association that does a good job of summarizing each state’s homeschooling laws. That said, always get in touch with your *own* school district and your *own* state department of education to make sure your legal information is up to date.
Can a parent be charged with kidnapping for taking their child to live out of state without the other parent’s consent? Can they be sued for sole custody due to the kidnapping charge?
I am the original poster. Since they didn’t allow me to go into details when I asked this question, I am giving you the details now. It’s kind of convoluted so please bear with me.The mother and father(who is a family member of mine )were never married yet they had a child together.The father has been making financial payments for his child for the entire time she’s been alive(not court ordered. He’s just trying to do the right thing by his child ), has been fighting for visitation for every other weekend and alternating holidays -which was all able to occur without it having to go into the family court system.To make a long story short, the mother is extremely anxiety-ridden and because of that the child behaves in the same manner and gets physically ill anytime she has to spend a night away from her mother( who she lives with regularly despite the father fighting to have partial visitation all this time.)Over the past few years the child has improved with spending the night at a friend’s house etc. without this separation anxiety taking place but when it comes to spending time at her father’s house(overnight)and her stepmother, (all three which get along fine,)this kid starts getting sick. They take her places they do things with her she has a great time with she’s over there, this only happens when she has to spend the night over there. I had her over to my house once and she did the same thing and had me up all night throwing up and stuff because she gets anxious about being away from her mother .We are starting to believe that the child’s Mother is painting a negative picture of the father right before visitation which is why the kid keeps on getting sick anytime she have to go and visit her father overnight. Tells her she’s going to be lonely there without her mother, tells her that she might be scared over there with her father and that kind of shit . Child was eight or nine at the time and now she just turned 11. This whole thing started because she’s actually at her fathers house right now and he’s telling us that she’s throwing up and stuff and the whole thing just frustrates him because he’s not making an environment in which she should be anxious or scared of anything but we understand a child has a problem with separation anxiety.We all think the mother has a screw or two loose and I personally feel that she is afraid that we may be bad mouthing her to the child, which is not happening because the child already knows her mother is anxious so we don’t have to tell her anything anyway. Everyone sees it . and she is doing it back to the child’s father off of something that’s not even happening from us.So in the long run, for pretty much most of this child’s life, her mother has turned her into an anxious, nervous child both from stuff that she says and does around the child lots of the time. She’s even taking a girl to a psychiatrist but it’s the mother that needs the psychiatrist and she won’t do it.Here is the basis of my question(Now that you have a bit of history of the situation ).The problem we have now is that the mother is trying to have her own life( and there’s nothing wrong with that because she tried to hang on to the child’s father for a long time and he moved on and married somebody else. She needed to move on and we believe she’s been seeing this guy for a couple of years but she’s never brought him around, not that she’s obligated because that’s her private life ) now with a different man and she wants to uproot this child and take her to another state, and she has not discussed this with the child’s father and he doesn’t want to not have access to his child so we believe that he can charge her with kidnapping if she goes through with this.The other thing is that the child (having so much anxiety )has been inconsolable these past six weeks due to the mother constantly talking about them moving away when all the family the child has ever known is in the state we live in now. The child is a girl, just about to enter puberty and the mother is most likely going to move in with her boyfriend, but none of us in the family know this person nor have we ever met him and we don’t know if it’s safe for the child to be around this man.The mother has blinders on and is only chasing her own happiness and she’s already talking about just getting a babysitter when she wants to go away for the weekend and stuff like that, leaving her child with someone that the child barely knows in another state where the child has no other family members.The mother currently lives with her own mother (who is kind of really helpful for keeping an eye on the kid, this and that and any time her daughter wants to go away with this guy for weekend overnight or whatever) She’s beside herself too because she does not want her granddaughter or her daughter to leave the state.We’re all really upset about this because we think she’s crazy enough to actually go through with this move and our only concern is for the welfare of the child. I don’t know how the father is going to handle this but it’s going to be messy no matter what and again, we worry about the welfare of what this mess could do to this child since she’s already so anxiety ridden. Both of our families get on really well and this has really been the talk of everything the past couple of months because we all feel it’s a big mistake but we don’t know how to get through to the mother to make her see that this is really not a good idea.To be honest, I even offered to take the child in for a while so she could have some stability while her mother is trying to work out this thing with her boyfriend, who has been pressuring her to move to this other state because that’s the state he lives in.I’m not saying she shouldn’t have her life but once you have a child and the child’s father is here in the state you can’t just traipse off somewhere else unless that other parent give some kind of permission( when she is not willing to give because he’s been fighting for visitation for the last 11 years )She’s planning on just taking the kid, moving to the other state and not involve the child’s father at all for which I think he should be able to sue her for joint custody.Child’s mother is not using sound judgment and it will definitely affect her child negatively for years to come. Due to her work schedule she is barely around as it is and the kid is by herself a lot of the time at home with the grandmother, but she doesn’t seem to want the child to be able to visit her own father or the other family members either.Like I said, it’s a big problem but this paranoia she has is just causing a lot of problemsAnd for the person has said we were foolish to post this on here how the hell else are we supposed to know or get some general advice on which way we should turn unless we ask? I’m sure that a lawyer will come into it at some point, but that’s only if she really does try to go through with this. Now if she finds out that she could be charged with kidnapping she might scrap the whole thing and not try that way in which we wouldn’t need a lawyer. But I’m super still pretty sure that the father would take this to family court and try to get visitation on paper so he would be allowed court ordered time with his child. He tried to do things nicely and not make a problem but now the child’s mother isn’t playing fair .Trust me, I’ve seen stupider questions on here than one that I asked. Just looking for some advice that I can offer because we’re going to have a family meeting about it and try to talk to the mother and we need to be sure that we have proper ammunition to make her see that this is a bad idea .
What if a parent is not present to give consent for the treatment of a child?
HAVE a designated surrogate, you know where it saysEMERGENCY CONTACT
What citizenship does a child have if they are born on an international flight?
These questions always invert the analysis. That is, the question is always "If a child is born in some interesting circumstance, what nation will they be a citizen of?" But this is the wrong way to approach this question.The correct approach here is to enumerate all of the nations of the world, and then for each of them, examine the specific circumstances of the birth, in relation to the laws of that nation, and determine if those specific circumstances are such that that nation would recognize the child as a citizen of that nation. Each nation makes its own laws in this regard. While there are some general principles that apply here (such as the often-quoted "ius soli" and "ius sanguinis"), one should never allow the generalizations to control the analysis, as that path leads to errors. For example, many of the other answers to this question exhibit awareness of the "rule" that "an aircraft is considered an extension of the territory of the country of its registration"), but this "rule" only applies, with respect to determinations of citizenship, to about a fifth of the world's nations (many of which have a limited supply of aircraft), and is not identically applied even in all of those nations.There are presently 206 generally recognized nations in the world (South Sudan being the newest member of the club), and thus 206 different nationality laws. In any given circumstance, most of them will be quickly dismissible, for example, for a child born aboard a United Arab Emirates flight operating over the territorial waters of Mexico whose father is a American citizen and whose mother (who is not married to the father) has dual Canadian and Moroccan citizenship, we can probably quickly determine that the child will not have Brazilian, Indian, or Japanese citizenship. But the child might have a claim to (for example) Irish or Italian citizenship because those countries allow citizenship claims through grandparents and I haven't told you what the nationalities of either parent's parents are. There are quite a few countries that have citizenship claims, either automatic or permissive, based on grandparent nationality, and I believe there are some that allow such claims on more distant ancestry.Most people, on reading the hypothetical I just offered, would conclude that the child has American citizenship, but in truth of fact the child is not guaranteed American citizenship through paternity, as American citizenship by paternity for a child born abroad requires conditions beyond "father is an American citizen" to obtain. I simply haven't given you enough details in this hypothetical to determine whether the child is a US citizen. (Indeed, the reason I threw in the detail that the parents are not married was because whether a person's parents were married at the time of birth is relevant to citizenship by descent in American law.)In this hypothetical, we have to check (at a bare minimum) the national citizenship laws of the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Morocco. We probably should also check the national citizenship laws of the nations in which the parents of both parents had citizenship(s). If either parent had ever been a citizen of some other country but had renounced that citizenship, the child might still be entitled to claim citizenship in one of those countries, as some countries do not allow a citizen to deprive their children of the right to inherit their nationality. Don't forget also to check into possible collateral claims that arise due to European colonization of Africa and Asia, or rights which might descend from ancestors with citizenships in countries which no longer exist or which have been since partitioned.So, the answer to the question asked ("what citizenship does a child have if they are born on an international flight?") is a big fat "It depends". A full answer would require a book, and a lengthy one at that, because of the huge panoply of specific questions that would need to be answered. And it would likely be out of date the moment it was published, because countries are constantly revising their citizenship laws.
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